Boiler Repair & Maintenance

Had your boiler serviced this year?


Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal and is caused by faulty or poorly maintained appliances. It is vital that you get your boiler and gas appliances inspected and serviced annually to make sure they are working safely and efficiently as possible.


What will the engineer do during service?


Gas pressure check to ensure the boiler is operating at the correct gas pressure.

A flue analysis test to ensure there are no unsafe emissions from your boiler.

Inspect your boiler and controls to make sure they are operating safely.

Visually inspect the boiler to check for corrosion and leaks.

Clean the condensate syphon.

Clean the main heat exchanger if required and replace gaskets.

Leave a service checklist with you with information about your boilers safety.


Emergency boiler repair.


We are never far away in an emergency.

If your boiler or central heating is not working, we can provide you with a fixed price repair which our engineer will confirm to you before commencing any work.


Our aim is to keep our services high and prices very competitive.


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