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No matter what fuel source is used, the build-up of sludge in a hot water central heating system is inevitable. Power flushing will remove the sludge and scale from your system, which will have built up over a period of time.


The sludge can block pipes and prevent the radiators from distributing heat around your house. Therefore power flushing your system will make the boiler work more effeciently.


Before having a new boiler installed it is imperitive that the central heating system is power flushed before any other work commences.


Failure to have the system power flushed first will invalidate any boiler manifacturers warranty, so beware of other companies who may offer you a cheaper quoatation for a boiler installation. We advise that you check exactly what is included in all quotations.


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In hard water areas, the use of water in heating systems invariably results in a build up of limescale (hard water) deposits within the system, usually in the highest temperature zones. The resultant scale not only restricts water flow, but acts as a very effective insulant, reducing heat transfer efficiency and increasing running costs.


BF Heating Services is able to descale your combi boiler domestic hot water heat exchanger and bring back the hot water flow and temperature that you have lost because of the scale build up.


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